Programs on VVR
All Times Are Central Time USA

Monday - Friday

8 AM     Dawn Buster with Bennie Blount
9 AM     Good Morning Vietnam Vet Radio with Stan Maroon
11 AM   Rolled Gold Midday with Peter J. Sammon
3 PM     The Jukebox Hour  with Al Sharosy (Pre-Recorded )
5  PM    Boogie Beat with John Pruett
Weekday Evening Programs
Mon  7PM  Country Classics with Bennie and Delight
Tue   7PM  Rolled Gold Countdown with Peter J
Wed  7PM  Malt Shop Memories with Bennie and Delight
Thu   7PM  The Heat with John Pruett
Fri     7PM  Friday Night Roll Call and Party Time with Bennie and Delight
8 AM  Dawn Buster with Bennie Blount
7 PM     Rolled Gold Saturday Night Dance Party with Peter J Sammon
8 AM     Sunday Morning Praise with Bennie Blount
7 PM      VVR Chapel with Bennie and Delight Blount