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The Chairborne Ranger Battalion is a Joint Service organization, we accept members (veterans) from all branches of service and from any country. This is a prestigious unit and we take pride in our ability to Rest and Relax at any given moment. If you meet all the qualifications and would like to become a member of the VVR Chairborne Ranger Battalion, contact us using the link below.

We host three groups of Chairborne Rangers:

1. Military veterans (Chairborne Rangers)
2. Non-military (Chairborne Rangers Auxiliary)
3. Pets (Chairborne Rangers Critter Squad)


 In order to become a member of the VVR Chairborne Ranger Battalion you must be able to do and attest to the following.

1. Sit and remain in a relaxed position for a minimum of 1 hour.
2. Be able to take a nap when needed or when wanted.
3. Be able to do the items on your "honey-do" list with as little effort as possible.
4. If chosen to be a Squad Leader or any other leadership position, you must be able to lead by example, thus showing and encouraging a maximum in R&R time.
5. Be, at the minimum, an occasional listener of Vietnam Vet Radio


A free 8x10 certificate is sent to all Chairborne Rangers, Auxiliary Rangers and Critter Squad members.







Headquarters and Headquarters Company
Commander Archie Hickerson
First Sergeant Larry White
Battalion Commander Bennie Blount
Battalion Sergeant Major Jerry Yarbrough
Battalion Drill Sergeant Canaan Toppetta
Battalion Guidon Bearer Arnie Lilly
Battalion Training NCO James Earnhart
Battalion Motor Sergeant Ray Thomas
Battalion Supply Sergeant James Dickey
Battalion Aide Fred "Doc" Gardner
Provost Marshall Vincent Darcangelo


Company A
Commander Jerry Shellman
First Sergeant Jerry Burgoon


1st Platoon 2nd Platoon
PSG Don Kimball PSG Dave Thompson
1st Sqd Ldr Rod White 1st Sqd Ldr Ed Holmes
John McCarthy  
Kenneth McCutcheon Kenneth Henson
Bill Cowan Rick Ivars
Paul Hinzman Owen Levine
Bill Darby Irving Johnson
Ray Blanda
2nd Sqd Ldr Jenks Jenkens 2nd Sqd Ldr John Casey
Peter Sammon Gary Walsh
Neal S. Durham John Mustian
Daniel Rysanek Bruce Cook
Roger Wolff Arnie Lilly
James Violante Peter Gonzales
3rd Sqd Ldr Alfredo Garcia 3rd Sqd Ldr John Pyle
Michael Peters Fred Burkamp
Marty Bliven Tom Jones
Randy Rollins Ed McNeil
Bill McCrory Barry Hunter
Maurice McGleish Marion "Will" Morris
Kenny Hooberry John Devine
4th Sqd Ldr Reggie Schell 4th Sqd Ldr Ed Rohner
Brian Dexter Lloyd Bornmann
Randy Travis Phil Cary
Merv Nairn Patricia Douglas
Simon Hansjuergen Bob Wilgus
Nolan Babineaux Partick Kelley


3rd Platoon 4th Platoon
PSG Lyle Rabbitts PSG Thom Lemmons
1st Sqd Ldr Keith Wichert 1st Sqd Ldr John Vermillion
Chuck Rantzow Jim Sturdevant
David Wilson Dennis Fears
Darrell Kelley Gene Guinta
Mayne Manson Darrell Jones
Steve Hall Jim Miller
Lionel White
2nd Sqd Ldr Jim Gutshall 2nd Sqd Ldr Bill Kaminski
Joseph Lee John Stevenson
Steve Swan Stan Maroon
David Sparkman Dave Conklin
Dan Higgins Edward Jackson
James Earnhart Ed Borek
Bill Schulz Stephen Grissom
3rd Sqd Ldr Terry Ramsey 3rd Sqd Ldr Elvis Carden
Gene Gray John Pruett
Dusty (ER) Daniel Mike Pilciki
Carl Paradis Harold Chapman
Terry Fetterman Bobby Clements
Ed Heath Pete Turner
Thomas Nall John J Capua Jr
John Pitacciato Danny Swisher
4th Sqd Ldr Daniel Shockley 4th Sqd Ldr Alan Beisenkamp
John Hendrickson
Drew Meyers Warren Althouse
Thomas Lakey Mike Art
Tjorven Tjsteinen Timothy Bertrand
Robert Sandow Wesley Michael
Ed Smallegan Larry Cardoza


Company B
Commander Gary Fields
First Sergeant Phil Pakiela


1st Platoon 2nd Platoon
PSG Debralee Sturdevant PSG
1st Sqd Ldr Lynn "Snoopy" Franks 1st Sqd Ldr 
Art Stanley  
Stanley Hood  
Michael Rogalsky  
Richard Koerner  
George Coppola  
Shephard "Skip" Kays  
2nd Sqd Ldr  John Marvin Tarr 2nd Sqd Ldr
Robert Meyers  
Jim Hayman  
Jim Banning  
Jim Stiles  
Michael A. Sikkens  
Bob Boucher  
3rd Sqd Ldr  Charles "Frosty" Swinford  
Carlton Ripple  
Jerry Creamer  
John Poplawski   
Gordon Holmes  
Robert J. Richardson Jr  
Larry Lamb  
4th Sqd Ldr Robert L. Reed 4th Sqd Ldr
George A. Xirau  
Dale Angood  
William O. Holton  
Thomas Kirkhart  


VVR Chairborne Ranger Auxiliary


Linda White  Kayleen Durham
Delight Blount Carol Weir
Stacie Perkins Pat Maguire
Isaiah Perkins Thomas Borg
Joy Lemmons Diane Maroon
Lissa Hart Kim Hickerson
Anita White Kwang Im Pruett
Wendy Kimball Karen Carden
Shirley McGleish Jason McCarthy
Anna L. Earnhart Ella Fugate
Vicki Art Corine Veltmeyer
Charlene Althouse Melanie Janssen
Canaan Toppetta Monica Jackson
Rudiger Schlag  Evelyn K. Dexter
Tim Famulla Angelo M. Tamburello
Bill Blaine  


VVR Chairborne Ranger Critter Squad

Critter Member
Corporal Ben Thom and Joy Lemmons
Zane Thom and Joy Lemmons
Eli Thom and Joy Lemmons
Daisy Phil Pakiela
Tucker The Supermutt David Wilson
Rocky Jason McCarthy
Rambo Jason McCarty
Bar None Peter J Sammon
Zeus Jerry Shellman
Bradey David Sparkman
Rascal David Sparkman
Coco David Sparkman
Lexi Larry White
Seraph James and Anna Earnhart
Gussie Steve Swan
Moxie Pete Turner
Dashuri Marty Bliven
Bandit Neal Durham
Henry Canaan Toppetta
Bravo Jim and Debralee Sturdevant
Sparky Skip Kays
Willie Stan and Diane Maroon
Gypsy Rod and Linda White
Gunny Daniel Dusty Daniel


VVR Chairborne Rangers Emeritus

Ken Wheatley - Australia

John Walters - USA

Lloyd Hibbard - USA

Bob Marley - USA

John Miller - USA

Jerry E. Webb - USA



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