Central Time USA
1:00 AM, 7:00 AM
4:55 PM, 9:00 PM



Commander: Bennie Blount
First Sergeant: Al Sharosy



The Chairborne Ranger Company is a Joint Service organization, we accept members (veterans) from all branches of service and from any country. This is a prestigious unit and we take pride in our ability to Rest and Relax at any given moment. If you meet all the qualifications and would like to become a member of the VVR Chairborne Ranger Company, contact us through our web page or our Facebook page. And if you can attest to meeting all the qualifications listed below, you will be assigned to a squad.

“Chairborne” and Welcome Home!


In order to become a member of the VVR Chairborne Ranger Company you must be able to do and attest to the following.

1. Sit and remain in a relaxed position for a minimum of 1 hour.
2. Be able to take a nap when needed or when wanted.
3. Be able to do the items on your “honey-do” list with as little effort as possible.
4. If chosen to be a Squad Leader or any other leadership position, you must be able to lead by example, thus showing and encouraging a maximum in R&R time.
5. Be, at the minimum, an occasional listener of Vietnam Vet Radio

Chairborne Ranger Cadence

It’s one thirty now on the strip
Chairborne Daddy gonna take a little trip
Stand up, lock up, shuffle to the door
The club for lunch and home by four
If there’s something to decide
Close your door and try to hide
Every time you get a call
You’re out playing racquetball
First revise the SOP
Make a change in policy
Ours is not to wonder why
It’s written down in the LOI
God forbid we should go to war
All that paperwork would be a bore
Let me stay behind my desk
Anything is better than the leaning rest
Chairborne Ranger, that’s what I am
One of a kind, I’m an AG man





By becoming a member of the Auxiliary you agree that you support Veterans and want to show that appreciation in a unique way.